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 The world first portable light box

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This project was an independent initiative, concurrent with my undergraduate studies. The product was created in cooperation with Ofer Kanafi, who was one of my lecturers. We worked together to develop, design and manufacture a thin and mobile light box called FLATLAMP.

At that time, there were no competing products in the market. Ofer and I worked together on the development, taking the technology used in outdoor signs to distribute the LED lighting uniformly on the surface.

During the project I was exposed to many technologies as well as to the broader aspects of production such as: transportation, marketing and sales, development costs, advertising, business management and working with government, institutional and private clients.

After the development, I went on to manage the business and sold hundreds of units over a period of six years.

FLATLAMP become the most-known brand in the industry within the Israeli market. FLATLAMP is available in 2 sizes: A3 and A4 and includes a 3m cable with switch, adapter, delivery box and 1 years' warranty.  

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